The wars over kashmir essay

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Gulab Singh took the topic of the Maharaja of Jammu and York. Pakistan's later stage-range Ghauri III missile has a medium of about 3, km. Introduction In latethe newly created states of India and Pakistan went to war over the valley of Kashmir.

A United Nations brokered ceasefire divided the state into Indian and Pakistani controlled territories, and resolved that a referendum would be held in which the people of Kashmir would be able to choose to join either country.

Pakistan and India over Kashmir Essay

India and Pakistan have been at odds for over seven decades since the partition that caused each to define itself in opposition to the other, and they have fought four wars since. The primary point of contention between the two countries is the Kashmir dispute, which dates back to Kashmir is a region located in South Asia, bordering Pakistan and India.

The disputer over Kashmir started inwhen the British colonies withdrew from South Asia and separted India and Pakistan/5(2). Diplomacy and Propaganda in the Kashmir War Essay Sample. Abstract: The conflict between Hindu and Muslims over the Kashmir region is one of the bloodiest religious wars in history, exceeding in violence the Crusades or the “Thirty years war’’.

The two countries have fought several declared wars over the territory.

A brief history of the Kashmir conflict

The Indo-Pakistani War of established the rough boundaries of today, with Pakistan holding roughly one-third of Kashmir, and India one-half, with a dividing line of control established by the United Nations.

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, having started just after the partition of India in China has at times played a minor role. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir, including the Indo-Pakistani Wars of andas well as the Kargil War of The two countries have also been involved in several skirmishes over.

The wars over kashmir essay
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Diplomacy and Propaganda in the Kashmir War | Essay Example