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Article Three of the United States Constitution

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The US ought to extend to non-citizens accused of terrorism due-process of law. I will provide historical evidence citing instances where the US extended non-citizens.

Debate Resolution: The United States ought to extend to non-citizens accused of terrorism the same constitutional due. Resolved: The United States ought to extend to non citizens accused of terrorism the same constitutional due process protections it grants to citizens. In most cases a non-citizen will have the same rights as a citizen, such as the 5th amendment right against self-incrimination, first amendment right of freedom of speech, 6th amendment right to counsel, 14th amendment right to due process of law, etc.

Vikings ought to extend Moss’ contract

A debate in The Wall Street Journal's Big Issues series. Yes, says Josh Bloom, drug patents should be extended because the development of new medications demands it.

No, says Els Torreele, because. For the fourth time in his NFL tenure, Randy Moss began his stretch with a new team on Monday night by averaging over 20 yards per reception and by scoring a touchdown.

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The us ought to extend to
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