The physics of a diesel engine essay

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Diesel Engine

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Word count introduction extended essay criteria wfrms essay. A diesel engine differs from the gasoline engine in the way combustion is initiated.

In diesel engines combustion is initiated by compressing the air above the self-ignition temperature of the fuel whereas it is initiated by a spark plug in a gasoline engine.

Discussion introduction. The word "engine" is a bit old fashioned. At one time, an engine was any kind of mechanical contrivance. For example The original, artificial computer was a mechanical device called the difference engine.I had to add the word artificial in there since the word computer originally referred to people whose job it was to perform.

MAN B&W Diesel Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion 5 Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion Scope of this Paper This paper is divided into three chap.

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This will include the study of diesel fuel, diesel fuel supply systems, high pressure mechanical and electronic fuel injection systems, computerized engine controls, exhaust gas recirculation valves, exhaust emissions, and soot particle reduction.

The physics of a diesel engine essay
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The Diesel Engine