The humoral concept of disease

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What causes cholera?

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The concept of four humors may have origins in Ancient Egyptian medicine or Mesopotamia, though it was not systemized until ancient Greek thinkers around BC directly linked it with the popular theory of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air.

These concepts have common factors, but it is the differences that have led us to today. Each one covered a different area of treating disease. The humoral concept gave us the four elements, the anatomical concept helped us discover what was happening inside the body. differences between the Humoral concept of disease, the anatomical theory of disease, the germ theory of disease and the differences between each theory.

I am also going to look at the historical significance of these theories and how they apply to health and wellness in today’s health care.

It was introduced by hippocrates. He believed that every human body is filled with four types of bodily fluids or "Humours".

What is the humoral concept of disease?

A healthy person has a specific concentration of each humour. Imbalance or "corruption" of one of them resulted in disease or disability. This theory also says that each person has a unique balance of the humours. For example, modern medicine refers to humoral immunity or humoral regulation when describing substances such as hormones and antibodies that circulate throughout the body.

It also uses the term blood dyscrasia to refer to any blood disease or abnormality.

The humoral concept of disease
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