The disasters of war

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Top 10 Military Disasters in War History

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Goya, And there's nothing to be done (from the Disasters of War)

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In his print series, The Disasters of War, Goya shows war, for the first time, as utterly lacking in glory. His is a vision of war without the consolation of chivalry, religion without mercy, and despair without redemption.

The Disasters of War were Goya’s second series, made after his earlier Los Caprichos. This set of images was also a critique of the contemporary world, satirizing the socio-economic system in Spain that caused most people to live in poverty and forced them to act immorally just to survive.

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In his print series, The Disasters of War, Goya shows war, for the first time, as utterly lacking in glory.

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His is a vision of war without the consolation of chivalry, religion without mercy, and. So, let the TOP TEN MILITARY DISASTERS IN WAR HISTORY commence! The Battle of Pliska [] The Battle of Pliska was actually a series of battles between Emperor Nicephorus I Genik of the Byzantine Empire and Khan Krum, leader of Bulgaria.

Goya: the Disasters of War and Selected Prints From the Collection of the Arthur Ross Foundation by NY: Nov Jan Spanish Institute.


List of wars and anthropogenic disasters by death toll

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The disasters of war
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The Disasters of War by Francisco de Goya