The description of polo game and how it is played

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An introduction to water polo

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In senior water polo and most junior games, water polo teams consist of 13 players. Each team is allowed to have seven in the water at one time – six outfield players and one goalkeeper. Except for the goalkeeper, players move continuously around the pool during a game.

Rules of Polo Polo Game Basics. Polo is played on a ten acre grass field, yards in length by yards, which is the approximate area of ten football fields.

Goal posts are set eight yards apart on either end of the field. The object of the game is to move the ball down-field, hitting the ball through the goal for a.

About Water Polo

Dakyu is said to have begun in Central Asia, and travelled west to Europe to become the modern day game of polo. The same ancient game however is said to have also travelled east to China where it became Dakyu, and finally reached Japan via the Korean Peninsula during the 8th or 9th centuries.

Subsequently, in the Nara and Heian periods, Dakyu came to be played. Weekly games called Hapta Kangjei (Weekly Polo) were also played in a polo ground outside the current Palace.

The oldest polo ground in the world is the Imphal Polo Ground in Manipur State. The history of this pologround is contained in the royal chronicle "Cheitharol Kumbaba" starting from AD Find out about water polo. View details about how to play water polo, the history of the sport at the Olympic Games and the rules of water polo.

A player's horsemanship, range of strokes, speed of play, team and game sense are the factors considered in determining his handicap.

The team handicap is the sum of its players' handicaps. (2 x 4 ÷ 6) In handicap matches of six chukkas, the team with the lower handicap is awarded the difference in goals at the start of the game.

The description of polo game and how it is played
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Traditional Horsemanship in Japan - The Imperial Household Agency