The crucible how is it relevant

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The 21st Century Crucible: Why 'The Crucible' is Still Relevant

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In Arthur Miller's The Crucible what relevance can we make to today's society?

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Become one with your ship and embark on a story of industry, exploration and conquest as you weave your legend into the fabric of New Free. The Crucible Is Still Relevant Today Words | 8 Pages “The Crucible,” a play by Arthur Miller later turned into a major Hollywood movie, explores the politics of fear, social norms, and the fight to recapture a man’s moral compass.

The Crucible is a complex and intriguing novel with events, characters and themes comparable to almost every period of human history. The Crucible hasratings and 6, reviews.

Deborah said: I hate to rate this so low when it seems that the only people who do so are those force. The Crucible remains a staple of high school English because it is rich in themes that are consistently relevant to human beings regardless of time period.

But these themes aren't always easy to explain or dissect in the context of the play, and they can be even harder to develop into essays.

The crucible how is it relevant
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