Structure of the respiratory system

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What Is the Structure of the Respiratory System?

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Structure of the Human Respiratory System Explicated With Diagrams

The respiratory system is represented by the following structures, shown in Figure 1: The nose consists of the visible external nose and the internal nasal cavity.

The nasal septum divides the nasal cavity into right and left sides. Epiglottis – a tiny flap of connective tissue – prevents food from entering the trachea during swallowing- prevents air from entering the stomach when breathing in Larynx – made up of cartilage- contains the vocal cords; two highly elastic folds – to produce sound for communication Trachea.

The human respiratory system is composed of the nasal passages, the pharynx, larynx, the trachea, bronchi, and the lungs.

It is responsible for the process of respiration that is vital to the survival of living beings. Respiration is the process of obtaining and using oxygen, while eliminating carbon dioxide. The Respiratory System - Structure And Function The respiratory system is the system in the human body that enables us to breathe.

The act of breathing includes: inhaling and exhaling air in the body; the absorption of oxygen from the air in order to produce energy; the discharge of carbon dioxide, which is the byproduct of the process.

The respiratory system provides oxygen to the body’s cells while removing carbon dioxide, a waste product that can be lethal if allowed to accumulate. There are 3 major parts of the respiratory system: the airway, the lungs, and the muscles of respiration.

Structure of the respiratory system
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Structure of the Human Respiratory System Explicated With Diagrams