Racial differences in the corrections system essay

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Criminal Justice Research Topics

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Race in the United States criminal justice system

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Racial Disparities. America’s criminal justice system is marred by a startling and unfair impact on marginalized communities. People of color are disproportionately arrested, sentenced and incarcerated when compared to white people accused of similar offenses.

With the national debate national focused on race, crime, and punishment, criminal justice experts are examining how to reduce racial disparities in our prisons and jails, which often serve as initial entry points for those who become entangled in the criminal justice system.

One could, however, draw a vastly different conclusion regarding the role of race in the criminal justice system because “Blacks tend to get substantially longer prison terms [unlike the one month asserted by Langan above] than whites convicted of the same crimes, even when the Black person is a first time offender and the White person a.

Racial Differences in the Corrections System “According to Black Star Project Executive Director, Phillip Jackson, in there were African American men enrolled at Northwestern University ( percent of the student body) but four times that number – 1, imprisoned at Western Illinois Correctional Center (60 percent of the prison.

The history of racial disparity in the criminal justice system in the U.S. have been longstanding. The racial dynamics in sentencing have changed over time and reflect a move from explicit racism to more surreptitious manifestations and outcomes. The criminal justice system has three core components, police, courts, and corrections.

Each core component has a different function in the criminal justice system. The police functions are to enforce specific laws, investigate.

Racial differences in the corrections system essay
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