Offshore internet gambling and the world trade organization essay

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World Trade Organization 3

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Offshore Internet Gambling and the World Trade Organization

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Case Study Analysis of the Offshore Internet Gambling

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This is the basic truth of the matter. Running Head: Case Study Analysis of the Offshore Internet Gambling and the WTO gambling within the US, which contradicts with the USA’s obligations as per the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) that the USA ratified.

trade topics; dispute settlement DISPUTE SETTLEMENT. DS: United States — Measures Affecting the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services. This summary has been prepared by the Secretariat under its own responsibility.

The summary is for general information only and is not intended to affect the rights and obligations of Members. Bloomberg By Warren Giles. March 30 (Bloomberg) — The U.S.

ban on offshore Internet gambling payments is illegal, the World Trade Organization said today, upholding a previous decision that allowed for possible sanctions.

It is clear that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of is constitutionally permissible, however, there are those that believe the UIGA is unnecessary and violates the General Agreement on Trade in Services created by the World Trade Organization. Inthe WTO ruled that Washington had violated international trade agreements by prohibiting operation of offshore Internet gambling sites.

Antigua claimed that it lost US$ billion a year due to the US action, but the WTO awarded the island US$21 million. Running Head: Case Study Analysis of the Offshore Internet Gambling and the WTO Case Study Analysis: Offshore Internet Gambling and the World Trade Organization Ayman Naguib Abstract This case study analysis discusses the central issue of the case presented in the article, as well as the most relevant facts and assumptions with respect to the case under investigation.

Offshore internet gambling and the world trade organization essay
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