How the plantation affect biodiversity

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The environmental and health impacts of tobacco agriculture, cigarette manufacture and consumption

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Agriculture in Brazil

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Abstract In the southern United States, herbicide use continues to increase for timber management in commercial pine (Pinus spp.) plantations, for modifying wildlife habitats, and for invasive plant control.

Biodiversity Information

Several studies have reported that single applications of forestry herbicides at stand initiation have minor and temporary impacts on plant communities and wildlife habitat conditions.

The Plantation Effect Tree Plantation Influences on Biodiversity Introduction Internal Diversity: Low Diversity Inside Plantations The Effects of Plantation Management on Diversity degrade soil organic matter and. Following plantation establishment, the greatest environmental impacts are likely to come from pollution.

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Water pollution from plantations and onsite mills is likely to affect aquatic biodiversity, but such impacts have not been assessed in relation to oil palm. Potential pollutants include palm oil mill effluent (POME).

How the plantation affect biodiversity
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New Research: Rubber Expansion Threatens Biodiversity and Livelihoods - East by Southeast