How does co2 emissions affect the

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Overview of Greenhouse Gases

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How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Environment?

GHG emissions are often measured in carbon dioxide (CO 2) equivalent. To convert emissions of a gas into CO 2 equivalent, its emissions are multiplied by the gas's Global Warming Potential (GWP).

The GWP takes into account the fact that many gases are more. Environmental Effects of Emissions W. Addy Majewski, Hannu Jääskeläinen Abstract: Air pollutants are responsible for a number of adverse environmental effects, such as photochemical smog, acid rain, death of forests, or reduced atmospheric visibility.

Carbon dioxide persists in the atmosphere for 50 to years, so emissions released now will continue to warm the climate in the future. The EPA predicts that climate change will cause the demand for water to increase while the supply of water shrinks.

The Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Effect. In the 19th century, scientists realized that gases in the atmosphere cause a "greenhouse effect" which affects the planet's temperature. These scientists were interested chiefly in the possibility that a lower level of carbon dioxide gas might explain the ice ages of the distant past.

In total, the US transportation sector—which includes cars, trucks, planes, trains, ships, and freight—produces nearly thirty percent of all US global warming emissions, more. Carbon dioxide persists in the atmosphere for 50 to years, so emissions released now will continue to warm the climate in the future.

The EPA predicts that climate change will cause the demand for water to increase while the supply of water shrinks.

How does co2 emissions affect the
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How do we know more CO2 is causing warming?