How can i write a letter to hillary clinton

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Of new they were staring. An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton ā€” or Not NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr describes a letter of advice he would write to Hillary Clinton ā€” if he was going to write a letter to her. Dear Secretary Clinton, As you prepare to make your first trip to the People's Republic of China as Secretary of State, our organizations strongly urge you to make human rights issues a prominent topic in your public and private discussions with the Chinese leadership and people.

Now, about your presidential run ā€” if indeed you make it. Iā€™m writing you this letter because I think the topic might figure into your decision-making, or maybe not. I admit that in I went with Obama, feeling at the time that he was carrying the real spirit of things, yada, yada, yada.

RISE UP: A Letter to Hillary

Yeah, well. Anyway. That was then and this is now. Contact Hillary. You can follow Hillary on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Or, send her a note at the address below. Hillary Rodham Clinton Post Office Box New York, NY Share.

The Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton. People around the country are writing thank you notes to Hillary can be sent to this address. Post Office Box New York, NY Dear Hillary, Thank you for serving as a.

Writer Katherine Timpf wanted some answers from Hillary Clinton. So, she wrote an open letter to the presidential candidate at National Review. She wasn't holding her breath for a response from Founded: Sep 09,

How can i write a letter to hillary clinton
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We Can and Should Send Thank You Notes to Hillary Clinton