An explanation of how the apology can be read as a political text

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How to write Apology and Explanation Letters ?

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An Explanation of Apology Acceptance Based on Lay Peoples’ Insights

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Socrates - Plato’s Apology: Although in none of Plato’s dialogues is Plato himself a conversational partner or even a witness to a conversation, in the Apology Socrates says that Plato is.

Interpreting information- verify that you can read information regarding who is on trial in Plato's Apology and interpret it correctly Additional Learning Refer to the lesson titled Plato's Apology: Summary & Concepts for more details on this work. There can be no more fitting reward than maintenance in the Prytaneum, O men of Athens, a reward which he deserves far more than the citizen who has won the prize at Olympia in the horse or chariot race, whether the chariots were drawn by two horses or by many.

Plato's The Apology is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, inventing new deities, and corrupting the youth of Athens.

Socrates' speech, however, is by no means an "apology" in our modern understanding of the word. Read on for tips for writing a winning apology text message no matter what your approach – sweet, funny, or sexy.

Operation Sweetness The sweet approach is the most standard plan of attack and will work with just about anyone.

An explanation of how the apology can be read as a political text
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Study Questions for Plato's Apology