An analysis of the marital intimacy of the married couples in the united states

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Pornography’s Effects On Marriage And Hope For Married Couples

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outcomes generated by non-married families. Research on marriage and the family in the United States demonstrates that many currently in the United States more couples are choosing not to marry and, at the same time, are accepting of a variety of non-marital “Analysis of the association between marital relationships and health.

Korean married couples in the United States. The present study aimed to examine the relationship between PIU, acculturative stress (AC), and marital intimacy (MI) among. Intimacy, passion, and commitment were examined in a multivariate analysis of covariance with stage of relationship and culture as the independent variables.

The Bartlett’s test of sphericity (, 3 df, p. Our comparative analysis of religion and marriage in the United States reveals remarkable similarities in the benefits that are associated with these two social institutions, and also in the pathways through which they operate.

In this study, perceptions of marital problems by married couples living in urban Taiwan and couples in the United States were examined. Results indicated the US couples reported significantly more marital problems than did the Taiwan couples in five out of six areas: communication, intimacy/sexual relations, financial matters, division.

In Asian couples, the average age of male participants was (ranges from 28 to 59) and of female participants was (ranges from 24 to 50); the average number of years living in the United States was years and of being married with current spouse was years.

An analysis of the marital intimacy of the married couples in the united states
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