An analysis of the hmong women pregnancy and labor practices in laos

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Providing Healthcare to Hmong Patients and Families

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Hmong women and childbirth practices. Save. The Hmong People society originally from Thailand, Laos, During pregnancy, Hmong women carried out their daily responsibilities until the day they went into labor. A Hmong woman would follow her food cravings to guarantee that her child would not be born with a deformity.

Once her water broke she. Hmong Courtship and Marriage Practices Compiled by Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD Vang, P.D. & P. Her () Teenage Marriage among Hmong American Women, Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Understanding Traditional Hmong Health and Prenatal Care Beliefs, Practices, Utilization and Needs practices, and needs of Hmong women age and men age and dramatically in the Hmong refugees from Laos and.

Traditions and plant use during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery by the Kry ethnic group in Lao PDR Dietary restrictions during pregnancy are reported from other ethnic groups in Laos: the Hmong, Phunoi, Phutai and Khmu avoid eating too much for Katang women in labor traditionally leave the village and give birth in the.

The female interviews focused on pregnancy, childbirth and labor, and in addition plants used in women's healthcare and for treating diseases in children. Following the interviews walks were made in the surrounding forest to collect the plants mentioned during the.

Reflections on Crossing Borders in Birthing Practices: Hmong in one Village in Northern Thailand and Hmong in Saint Paul, Minnesota by Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera, Hmong Studies Journal, 15(2): 6 Faller HS. (). Perinatal needs of immigrant Hmong women: Surveys of women and health care providers.

Public Health Reports. May-Jun;(3)

An analysis of the hmong women pregnancy and labor practices in laos
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