A description of how technology owes the earths ecology an apology

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Environment and Embodiment in Early Modern England

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Environment Quotes and Sayings

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AU Rector A.V. Prasada Rao, who participated as chief guest, said the earth has sufficient resources for man’s need but not for man’s greed and modern technology owes an apology to ecology.

Technology comes before science inasmuch as the evolutionary momentum is set in technology before its understanding by the mind can begin (science). One can say that science is but a technology (discovery) of knowledge preceded by a technology of invention, the biotechnology of life.

Environmental Slogans Taglines. Sub Categories: Earth Day Slogans (9) Clean Up The Earth It’s The Only Home We Have. Modren Technology Owes Ecology An Apology.

Green Earth Clean Earth. There,s No Planet B.

Life Is A Daring Adventure

Earth Is Slowly Dying Save Her Go Green. Page 9 of 9 «First. Modern technology - Owes ecology an apology.


When the soil disappears, the soul disappears. ~ Ymber Delecto Our environment, the world in which we live .

A description of how technology owes the earths ecology an apology
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